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Burnsville loses against Columbia Heights in epic face-off.

On Dec. 11, the Burnsville boys basketball team played against Columbia Heights, and lost against them 66-71. Burnsville lost only by five, but throughout the game the team was amazing.

Despite their loss, they were on their A-game. Marcus Shepley had 25 points throughout the game; he was real fast on his feet his defense was incredible. In the second half the team played a lot more defense than the first half. They were definitely more fired up in the second half because they realized that it’s not them at all and they can do better, so in my opinion they won but didn’t get as much points as the other team.

On the Columbia Heights side, their point guard,  Deundra Roberson, scored 26 points throughout the game, he was one of the best point guards on that team. I kept thinking that Burnsville was going to catch up to the other team because they had the potential and the strength to win; they still did the best in my eyes.