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Blazettes competition season in full swing.

The Blazettes have started their competition season this winter. They perform at various high schools around the state and competing against local high schools.

This week, the Blazettes had a competition. They placed 3rd for this competition. The numbers they performed are called, “The Fight” and “Trapped” with The Fight being their kickline number, and Trapped being their jazz number.

Claire Tangney, a varsity Blazette gave some insight on what life is like at their competitions. “Generally, we have to stay focused and have team time and stretch and run through the dance, then after we perform we can get concessions and walk around until awards.”

Apart from the stress of performing and winning, the Blazettes have a strong bond. “The best part for me about going to dance competitions is on the bus on the way there we always sing really loudly and have the time of our lives preparing the dominate.” Tangney says.

Throughout the winter season, the Blazettes will prepare to travel and perform against many high schools. Their next upcoming competition will be held Dec. 16 at 11 am at Farmington High School.