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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Oreo

The first thing to stand out about Oreo is her stunning pointer coat on a pit bull body, but there is much more to her than meets the eye. Oreo is a five-year old pointer and pit bull mix available for adoption from Secondhand Hounds. She knows her basic commands and is house and crate trained. Oreo absolutely loves going for walks with her foster family to explore and sniff everything she can. She can be a bit skittish with unexpected noises and cannot be around small children. Oreo can be selective with the dogs she chooses to like but she typically will want to play with them. Every once in a while she will not like another dog after the first sniff and will react, but she is usually friendly with others.

Oreo would do best in a family with older children, no cats and smaller dogs if any. Since Oreo is selective with dogs her owner would need to be cautious with her around new dogs. She cannot be around small children, so her adopter would also have to be cautious about that. Oreo rarely barks, but when she sees other dogs or wants attention she will whine for a bit. She is fantastic with commands like come, sit, and stay on walks and in the home, but could use a little work when she is off-leash. In her foster home she is allowed on the couches and beds, but will go into her kennel if told to. Her adoption page states “She mostly sleeps until you come home,” which shows that she is generally a well-behaved and relaxed girl. Oreo is also surprisingly good at taking baths and will get into the bath until told “come” to get out. She is also better than most dogs when it comes to nail trimming.

When it comes to manners Oreo is incredible with her food. She is a social eater which means she will only eat her food if someone else is around, so it is okay to have her food in her bowl throughout the day. She is gentle when she takes treats and if told “wait” will wait to eat a treat that is put in front of her. She will sit incredibly still and will not snatch food away even if it is nose level, but she would always love if a piece was given to her. Oreo does not take much interest in toys or games like fetch and tug of war, but likes a bit of roughhousing and tearing up stuffed animals. Her favorite toys are food related like antlers, pig ears, peanut butter kongs and toys that dispense treats.

Oreo’s favorite thing is to go on walks so she can take in all scents and eat a bit of grass. Grass has never affected her negatively, but she will move on with a small tug and a “c’mon.” She will pull if she sees a squirrel or rabbit nearby, so she needs someone who can hold her when she does. If she is let off leash in a wooded area she will stay close while she has the time of her life. Oreo loves to explore and would love to be in a family that could take her for walks often. They must remember to be cautious with her around other dogs and keep her away from small children, but otherwise she is a very well-behaved girl.

Oreo’s adoption fee is $300 and she can be found on the Secondhand Hounds website under the ‘adopt’ tab and ‘dogs for adoption.’ After an adoption application is filled out the foster will review all applicants and select which one they believe will be a good fit. They will then schedule a “meet and greet.” The meeting could take place at the Secondhand Hounds office, at an adoption event, or at a home. Keep in mind that the foster could be meeting with other possible adopters. If the foster and adopter agree that it is a good fit they will move on to a home visit and rental/veterinary check. The home visit may be completed by the foster or one of the Secondhand Hounds volunteers. At the same time all veterinary, rental, and city pet limit checks will be completed by the adoption team. After that is done contracts and payment completed then adopter will be able to pick up their new pet.