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Burnsville Spotlight, Featured

Martha Schmidt: A beloved choir teacher at Burnsville High School.

Martha Schmidt is one of the choir directors at BHS. She teaches Concert Choir, Blaze Choir, Freshman Choir, Beginning Piano and Intermediate Piano.

Outside of school, Schmidt likes to read, play piano, compose music of her own and do a lot of traveling. One of her favorite places she has traveled to is Paris, “because of the food and wine, and I have friends who live there.”

One of Schmidt’s favorites classes is Concert Choir. Concert Choir is one of the auditioned mixed choirs at BHS. “Sicut Cervus [is one of my favorite pieces]” said Schmidt. That is just one of the beautiful songs that Concert Choir will be singing for their winter concert.

Schmidt has taught and composed music for several years. She loves working with students, and she explained why she loved teaching in the music department. “I love the positive atmosphere, I love seeing students faces light when they’ve learned something new. It’s a real pleasure.” she said.

Schmidt and the rest of the music department are preparing for their Italy trip later this school year. They’ll be working on musical pieces to perform at concerts as well as in various places throughout their Italy trip.