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Burnsville Spotlight, Featured

Marie Hansen: An English teacher and theatre director that truly cares about her students.

Marie Hansen has taught English and directed shows at Burnsville High School for ten years. Some of her favorite shows she has directed were “A Little Princess,” “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” “Marie Antoinette,” and “Mousetrap.” She mostly loved these shows because of the cast she chose. She also said that “Marie Antoinette” has a great storyline and is a pretty interesting story.

Hansen decided to work at BHS because she really wanted to teach in a diverse school, such as ours. She also likes how “our school has many opportunities inside and outside of school.” In class her favorite thing to do is help kids in their college classes to ¨overcome barriers,” because a lot of kids come into college classes suffering or thinking they will suffer but then they end up doing completely fine. She had taught many classes such as Regular Intervention, Inver Hills, AP, Honors and regular English, acting and journalism.

“Hansen is a very hardworking teacher and director,” said a student in Hansen’s class. “She directs the spring play and a competition one-act [along with] being a Language Arts teacher.” I myself have not been in any of her classes, but I do have a sister that graduated that had her and said she was a very fun teacher to have and a class she looked forward to any day. I’ve helped Hansen with the one-act and play last year and she seems to always be motivated and on her game with things.

Hansen teaches AP and Inver Hills English this year to BHS juniors. My friends who have had her say they is a “good amount of work in her class but it’s fun work and helps them get ready with tests and helps them study more.” Hansen has many students who look up to her every year because she is more than a teacher to some of us, and she always understands you and helps the best she can.

This year, if you want to get to know her or possibly be in theatre I suggest doing the spring play, “The Crucible.” Hansen is a teacher that ¨makes class fun and not boring and is very flexible on how you feel that day and can help you.” She is great at teaching Shakespeare and if you like to read monologues, you can go to her and she will help you pick one that fits you the most.

”[Hansen] was one of the teachers that basically helped me survive high school,” said my sister.