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Badminton season approaching quickly.

Badminton officially starts the full first week of March. It’s an opportunity to make new friends, join a new activity and a chance to use the school’s new gyms.

With Mr. Limke and Ms. Marshall as the badminton advisors, anyone who joins badminton can go to the gym for practice on Fridays. Jennifer Le Vvintre says, “We can go to the gym and practice if we pay five dollars. But the practice is not required.” The advisors ask for five dollars so they’re able to pay for the facilities they use.

In the spring, badminton will start-up once again. Towards the end of season, there will be a state tournament. Last year, Burnsville was able to host the State Tournament because of the new, spacious facilities.

In badminton, you play three games of twenty-one. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, the players play until there is no longer a tie.