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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Play With Bats

At Burnsville High School on Thursday afternoon, English and journalism teacher Ms. Millea made an announcement to the student body from Burnsville’s animal control division about five to ten students possibly playing with a “juvenile bat” Wednesday evening. It was possible that the bat had rabies, a virus spread through the saliva of infected animals.

As Millea was making the announcement, you could hear her chuckling and laughing while announcing this. Millea tweeted an apology for laughing over the matter.

This announcement quickly picked up on social media, and caused some interesting reactions.

And, my personal favorite:

We here at The Voice like to have some fun. Although, yeah, there might be someone at this school that could have rabies which is not funny at all, the fact that people play with bats, kinda is funny. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t play with bats in the first place:

1. Bats cannot speak or read English, or any other language for that matter.

So, like, you can’t really talk to the bat.

2. Bats can possibly have rabies.

If you get rabies, you have to get injected with shots to your stomach left and right. It’s horrible.

3. Bats can fly, meaning they can say, “bye felicia” faster than you can say, “bye.”

Bats are not loyal.

4. Bats are scary looking.

Why would you wanna play with scary animals?

5. Bats can only play at night, because they sleep during the day.

You’re gonna be one tired person the next day if you play with a bat.

So, yeah. Bats can be dangerous to play with, and just dog on boring. Don’t play with them.

Also, if you were one of the five to ten students playing with the bat, we recommend you get checked and possibly tested by a medical professional for rabies.