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People Need To Learn How To Utilize BHS Hallways

It’s the beginning of a new year at Burnsville High School, which means a new group of freshmen joins us from the middle schools. They look like they should be in like 6th grade because they’re all super tiny, but whatever. We gotta live with them.

One thing people at BHS, especially freshmen, need to learn about is walking in the hallways of this school. It follows the same basis as driving: stay to the right, go at a decent pace, don’t go in the middle, and don’t abruptly stop in the middle.

“I think that people need to know how to walk on the right side of the hallways,” Miah Keller, a senior says. “Couples shouldn’t hold hands, or make out in a way to block other people from getting to their classes, and also the freshmen need to stop chasing each other around.”

There appears to be a problem with freshmen running and playing tag in the hallways. However, some freshmen think they know how to walk in the hallways and they do not need to be taught how to do so.

“I don’t get the point,” freshman Nick Hughes says. “We all need to walk on the hallways, and we know how to do it. It’s common sense.”

Some have said that arrows and lanes need to be placed on the halls and floors, so people can be guided on the right track. Some have other solutions, though.

“I think we should have moving sidewalks, like the ones at the airport,” freshman Henry O’Brien said. “That might be helpful in guiding people through in the right way, and may help us get to class faster.”

Another problem is the large form of groups right in the bam-smack middle of the hall. “People shouldn’t be forming large groups in the middle,” freshman Kara Klavins said. “They need to either stand on the side, or make way for people trying to get through.”

Michael Emerson, a freshman, also said, “if you’re in the middle, and I need to get someplace, I can and will walk right through you.”

So, yes, we can come to a consensus that we have a hallway problem. It’s something that should be fixed. If we all learn how to walk in the hallways, we’ll be able to get to class faster and more efficiently. Then, we’ll have nothing to complain about, hallway-wise.