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    Future Teachers of America
    Got any idea to where to attend college? Well if you don’t you can now tour colleges with “future teachers of americ
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    Snow week in full swing at BHS
    With no long breaks coming up, the holiday season past, and second semester starting, “Snow Week” is an attempt at a
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    Snow week to start next week.
    Soon, BHS will have its annual Snow Week starting from January 27 and it will conclude on February 3rd. There will be a
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    MLK Day: Who is he?
    On January 15, 1929, Martin Luther King Jr was born. Martin Luther King Jr was a Baptist Minister who led the civil righ
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    Why You Should See One Acts
    If you are a theatre geek or just love watching plays or want to see friends, I would totally suggest seeing the one act
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    10 Studying Tips To Get You Through Finals
    Pick a designated time for studying and hold yourself to it! Gather all your course materials, find a nice quiet place a

National and International News



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    Velvet Buzzsaw Review
    Velvet Buzzsaw is a new Netflix movie that was released January 31, 2019. Deciding to watch it was easy since it stars J
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    Review: Bright
    Bright, a Netflix Original, was released the Friday after Winter Break had started. Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerto
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    Album Review: Jack Huncho
    Bless up. Bless up because “Jack Huncho” which is the debut album released by by the hip-hop group Huncho Jack which
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    Review: The Chi
    The Chi, broadcasted on Showtime, had it’s first episode Jan. 7, and has been been a response to the president’s dem
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    Golden Globes review
    The reputation of the Golden Globes is that they’re the Oscars’ rowdier and weirder cousin, sometimes refres
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    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
    The story of Jumanji was able to continue with the creation of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” The sequel of Juman

From The Editors

Pet of the Week

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    Pet of the Week: Shell
    Shell is an adorable little black bundle of fur born on May 8, 2017. She was brought in as a stray with her sister Bandi
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    Pet of the Week: Valentine
    Valentine is a relatively small cat but that does not stop her from being the rambunctious ball of fluff she is. She is
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    Pet of the Week: Shasta
    Shasta is a beautiful three year old American pitbull terrier mix that was born in rescue to Momma Pixie. She is dog and
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    Pet of the Week: Oakley
    Oakley is an older cat with kidney disease that is approximately five to seven years old. He is on a special medication
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    Pet of the Week: Capelli
    Capelli is a very sweet three year old jack russell and pitbull terrier mix who is looking for her forever home. Secondh
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    Pet of the Week: Oreo
    The first thing to stand out about Oreo is her stunning pointer coat on a pit bull body, but there is much more to her t

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