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Pet of the Week

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    Pet of the Week: Squooshy
    Squooshy is a beautiful three year old shepherd mix that has some introverted tendencies. Since she is very slow to warm
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    Pet of the Week: Akoya
    Akoya, or Koya as her foster family calls her, is an approximately three year old Labrador Retriever that came to Second
  • Pet of the Week: Simba
    Simba is a young, domestic, long hair cat that was born on June 27, 2016 and came to Secondhand Hounds as an owner surre
  • Pet of the Week: Tomato
    Tomato, or as her foster family calls her, Pretty Princess Tomato Pie, is a stunning red coated pit bull that was pulled
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    Pet of the Week: Bit O’ Honey
    Bit O’ Honey is a six year old pomeranian that was rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa. His long and dense coat feels li
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    Pet of the Week: Micah
    Micah is a handsome tuxedo kitten found as a stray and is just under a year old, estimated birthday is August 21, 2017.

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Self Care with Sofia

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