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Pet of the Week

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    Pet of the Week: Rabbit
    Rabbit is an approximately eight month old cat that was found as a stray and was pulled from a local animal control to c
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    Pet of the Week: Atticus
    Atticus is an adorably scruffy looking six year old miniature schnauzer and terrier mix that has been in rescue for a ve
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    Pet of the Week: Shell
    Shell is an adorable little black bundle of fur born on May 8, 2017. She was brought in as a stray with her sister Bandi
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    Pet of the Week: Valentine
    Valentine is a relatively small cat but that does not stop her from being the rambunctious ball of fluff she is. She is
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    Pet of the Week: Shasta
    Shasta is a beautiful three year old American pitbull terrier mix that was born in rescue to Momma Pixie. She is dog and
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    Pet of the Week: Oakley
    Oakley is an older cat with kidney disease that is approximately five to seven years old. He is on a special medication

Meme of the Week

Self Care with Sofia

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    Opinion: Homework is problematic to students.
    Homework is a giant part of student life, it impacts grades and the understanding of lessons for students. It is a fine
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    Opinion: Is hip hop dead?
    Bless up. The state of hip hop is a very grey area nowadays. There are a lot of people who think rap is at a peak time a
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    Opinion: Valentine’s Day is stupid.
    Valentine’s Day to me is kind of pointless and does not seem like a holiday or in my thought it’s not a holiday
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    Soda v. Pop? What do you say?
    The soda v. pop discussion has been a heated one over the course of years. Despite the full name of soda-pop, people hav
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    Yoga: What is it?
    Yoga is a world wide practice that helps millions everyday. It is a fun and relaxing activity that helps relieve stress,
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    My Time In Journalism
    This semester has really been wonderful since I took journalism; I never had a journalism class ever and I really loved

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